The club

Collaborate with the club for only 80 €uros a year, You will have the opportunity to attend all the matches in the competition of all our teams. Furthermore, you will participate in the management with your opinion and vote in the ordinary annual assembly. For more information contact us.

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Our history:

The club was founded in 1972, with the denomination of Real Sociedad, winning 4 leagues and 3 Cups of the King. It was in the season 75/76 when it was renamed with the name that is currently recognized: Club Hockey Hielo Txuri Urdin Izotz Hockey Taldea. Having a total of 14 leagues and 4 Cups of the King, the last one obtained in the season 2017. It is the club that more leagues has achieved in the top male category of the national competition and also the most awared club in Gipuzkoa.

Since our beginnings we have been characterized by the work done with “home-grown” players, obtaining great results in competitions of lower categories, both nationally and internationally

The club continues its ascending rhythm, gradually increasing sections, partners and infrastructure, but always being aware of how far we can go, with our feet on the ground.

Ambitious, excited and delivered by and for the club. Thus we have managed to hold important international events:

* 2016 Pre-Olympic women’s Qualification

* 2017 U18 Women’s World Cup

New challenges await us, and from here we want to thank all those who believe in us and support us.



The facilities include an ice rink of official size for international ice hockey and figure skating competitions (28x58x1625m2), valid for any kind of ludic activities in the ice.


The cafeteria is 200 m2 and overlooks the rink. Also, it has a big terrace in the outside, located in one of the most revitalized areas in the city.